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    Looking for Marketing/Sales Expertise

    SB.i2i Newbie
      Once more I'm in search of marketing expertise either as advice or helping w/ sales. Quick facts:
      ) Supply-chain software designed for industrial use
      ) Currently in use, trying to expand
      ) Sales functions-- need help direct sales/telephone, etc.
      ) Need advice on how to get press coverage of new product release
      ) Need sales help at a trade-show

      If you're interested please send a note for more information. If you have any feedback as to how I can expand our reach, and find a marketing person working on a commission basis, I'd like to hear from you.

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          Iwrite Pioneer

          You mention expanding your reach but don't mention marketing your product. Your request is really for at least two people - a salesperson and a public relations person. Be wary of anyone claiming to do both, these are two entirely different jobs. I have a question or two:

          How are you currently getting clients?
          What have you tried in the past?
          Who is your target?


          I am not sure I am the right person to give advice on this, it feels more like a sales function than a marketing function. I may know a salesperson or two who can recommend someone for this position. I'll check.

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              SB.i2i Newbie
              Appreciate your feedback...
              We are currently getting clients from our web site (they search and find our solution) and also from customer references.
              We have not tried to actively market in the past, our strategy has been to concentrate on current clients to build a better solution and service.
              Targeting distribution and manufacturer businesses that ship and receive products with a need to count, label, and track. Highly vertical solution-set including mobile devices, and other equipment.

              My immediate concern is to be able reach new customers and try to increase customer base to the next level, not necessarily a full marketing campaign. I'm looking for commission based sales as an initial effort, and to be able handle the additional inquiries. And I'd like to receive marketing advice at the same time.

              If you know of anyone, please send me a note.

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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Looking for Marketing/Sales Expertise

              Where are you located (like city and state)?? How long have you been in business??
              I am a SCORE Counselor and we always talk about developing both
              a Business and Marketing Plan.

              Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                  SB.i2i Newbie
                  I'm impressed by how many messages you reply, almost everyone receives a reply from you-- you must be totally committed to helping people. Are you a Quicken/Quickbooks rep/reseller? I remember receiving something about Quickbooks from you. What I'm really looking for is marketing advice or someone who is interested in working in sales. Thanks,