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    Need Drywall ? I need more tools !

    gypsumrocker Newbie
      I am in need of a loan for more equipment. Up to 10,000. I can secure this loan with equipment already and lean on the tools purchused. High interest! Need to advance more. Interested ? Know anyone ?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Need Drywall ? I need more tools, Welcome

          *Tell me more, besides the fact that you live in Hutchinson,

          How long do you need the loan for?? And How and When will you pay me back??

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              gypsumrocker Newbie
              I currently run T & D Drywall. 3 years ago i partnered up with a guy, previous owner of the company. He had real bad problems dealing with business and money. He was forced to shut down his accounts and filed chapter 13. So anyway, I took over everthing, bank, material, and etc. I am legathe owner. But, he recently got burned out i guess. he quit drywalling all together. We split our tools up and went our own ways in good standing. NOW, i have a lot of work and am not spliting the money 50/50 and am in need of more tools and equipment. I will be changing my company name soon. Greene Drywall Co. The previous 3 years we have done 100,000 plus in business. But, we split the profit! So, I need at least 3500.00. I am willing to do direct debit, cash, check, or card! I can invest up to 10,000 in the company very easily., therefore be able to bid more jobs. I have a great reputation around here and plently of work. Depending on how much is loaned, monthly payments or 10% of every job until agreed balance is paid( BOA records to validate honesty). Thanks for your interest and hope to do business.

              Billy J Greene
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              Mjw486 Newbie
              Hi my name is Maxwell and I am with Numa Financial. I would like to set up a time to speak with you and discuss your capital needs. We have helped many business owners in this type of situation. Look forward to doing business with you.


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                dtominus Wayfarer
                HOW much are you doing monthly in credit card sales, Please contact me , I may be able to help you
                100% unsecured , no fee`s call me

                David Tominus
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                  apexfunding Newbie


                  If you have not been help, give me a call to discuss your funding needs further.

                  Best Regards,
                  Steve Do
                  Business Consultant
                  (832) 483-7485