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    Small Start-up - MicroLoan questions

    imaginejim Newbie
      Hello everyone. I hope everyone is having a great day.

      I am in an information gather stage and am looking for all the information I can.

      I am starting up a small design company that works primarily with gyms that are not corporate owned like Bally's, 24 Hour Fitness, Life Time Fitness, LA Fitness., etc. My target demographic are those "mom and pop" gyms, franchises like Gold's Gym and World Gym, or smaller multi-unit gyms that may have 2-3 markets under their belts. I help them design everything from internal and external marketing, to include, passes, flyers, presentations, t-shirts, business cards, take-one's, internal forms, banners, logo's, etc. at very competitive pricing.

      Having been part of the Health Club industry for over 6 years and working with individual club owners across the nation, I found that this sort of design was my passion. It's my passion that will drive this small company. I have researched costs of advertising, home office expenses, mail-outs, continuing education and initial operating costs from this home based business, but now find myself in need of a small, $15,000 micro loan (as the SBA website describes it as) and am unsure of where to go for this.

      I have very modest projections set up over the next two years that include repayment of such loan, but am actually looking for more of a 4 year deal, if possible.

      Does anyone have any suggestions?

      My current situation is that I am a disabled veteran of the United States Marine Corps (nothing serious) but I do have credit issues stemming from my younger days.

      Thank you for your help and feel free to email me at