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    What will be the Next Trillion Dollar Industry?

    KnuckleHED Wayfarer
      Ask yourself this question. What part of the Wave do you want to be apart of? The Front , The Center or Behind it. If you answered, "The Front" that would be the best position since you can ride it all the way through.

      By 2011 all the economist are predicting that the next trillion dollar industry is going to be the Health & Wellness Industry. In 2005 this industry was a $300 billion dollars industry and we are going to experience $700 billion dollars of growth in the next 3-4 years. The reason for this growth is simply because of two words BABY BOOMERS. The baby boomers have been dictating our economy for the past 20 years. Anyone who is in the age of 40-60 years old falls into this catagory 'BABY BOOMERS:" The two major things these people are looking for are Good Health & Looking Younger.

      The company in reference was just recently launched in Dec of 2005 with $300 million dollars in assets. One of the most secure launches in history which was really important to me coming out of Real Estate. The first year and the half the company just prepared itself for mass production and 10 months ago they release two of the most incredible products in history. We are the only company of it's kind. Think about it GROUND FLOOR opportunity. The owners have such deep pockets that they just recently took over another company which last year reached over $200 million dollars in revenue. The reason for this acquisition was simply to leverage the licensing it has in 40 countries.

      Have you ever referred someone to a job at a company where they pay you 100% matching check We are the first company that can offer a 100% matching check on anyone you refer over to our company, and the only one that I know of. You can introduce as many people you want which means you get 100% of the matching check on their residual income for life even if they pass you up in the company. No Beak away.

      Feel free to give me a call so I can go over the company overview with you. Chris Sheldon (818) 312-0641