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    Need capital for a second start-up

    cantaloupe Newbie

      Although the Corporation was founded in 2004, the actual business started in February 2007. We are a Small scale Cosmetic Manufacturing Company.So far we have made only samples to test two of our products.They both have received enthusiastic consumer responses. We are planning to have a bigger Lab prepare and package one of the products. We will launch that one first, since the revenues will be more sizeable. We need financial help in the forms of LOC, or a $30,000 loan or Angel Investor Aid. My credit is fair.. We have not had any Sales therefore no Revenues yet. Please help us stop the bleeding..We need to finally start making some money.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Need capital for a second start-up, Welcome

          Please help me to understand. If I give you the $30,K, How will that help stop the bleeding??

          So you have an Accountant?? A Spread sheet showing EXPENSES??
          Who is on payroll?? A Cash Flow Projection??

          How long do you need the funds for?? and How and When will I get paid back??

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              cantaloupe Newbie
              Dear Luckiest
              I apologize for not responding sooner to your post. Yes, if I receive this money it will stop the bledding because I will be able to have the product ready so my Marketing/Sales agent can place it simultaneously in different states . This will generate a lot of sales , hence huge revenues.I will be able to return this money in a year if not sooner. I have an Accountant. He can make a Spreadsheet showing all the expenses.It is only myself and an Executive consultant on the payroll. I had an office manager a few months. I let her go in order to reduce my overhead expenses.
              You can name the terms of repayment along with your onterest rate. Please contact me at for more details, questions and answers.Thanks for your interest in my Company
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                cantaloupe Newbie
                Hello Luckiest!! Have you seen my answer?. Please let me know.