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    Starting a Business

    talibdeen Newbie

      What do i have to do to get a loan or line of credit to my new business?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Starting a Business, Welcome

          What do you have to do to get a loan or line of credit to your new business??.

          Tell us more about yourself and your new business.
          Where are you located?? What kind of business??
          How large a loan or line of credit??
          Do you have a Business Plan that we can read??

          The more info we know about you, the easier it is to make decisions.

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              talibdeen Newbie
              Hi how are you doing? Thanks a million for the help. My name is Rodney Horns im from Washington D.C. im 35 years old. Every year i get a firework stand in washington d.c. and you could typically earn anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 dollars profit from the 15th of june through july 5th with just 5000 startup money. I have been doing this for past five years and built up quite a reputation and clientele for this and could make good money real fast. But i moved into a condo in march and i watched my savings depleted and dont know what else to do. I dont know how to write a business plan it is all in my head. I need to get 5000 to 10000 by next monday so i can make the firework stand. I only need the money for about a month.