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    $150,000 Angel Investor (s) needed for startup funding

    ShowService Wayfarer
      We seek an investor (s) who can supply us with $150k investment to startup website business. Profitable after 9 months with heavy cashflow on the 10th month. Investment return of 20% of the net profits at the start of the 10th month. Investment agreement will terminate after 48 months. We put a high return of 20% to target quality investors and would prefer a maximum of 4 investors ($37,500) each. Cshe flow will generate $50k per month net after startup based on projections and reality. These figures are based on what is currently in the marketplace (website) providing ad content.

      Business will be located in Nevada with straight commission sales staff being paid / earning what they sell. 3 full time employees will be on salary. Prefer angel investor rather than bank loan. We have put $67,500 into the startup already for web design, secure host server, credit card software for receipt of payments, hacker software, etc. We need the next step to take it live and can be completed within 2 months once funding in place...We laid out expenses on the heavy side so as to not promise blue sky and then cant deliver. SHould be profitable after 90 days, but again, went farther out to make sure we reach the numbers.

      If interested, contact me at our email of Please also include a phone number so we may contact you.