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    MoreTruth About Internet Marketing

    djcmilton Newbie

      A man was told by his boss that if he volunteered two extra hours a day for five days every week, within two years he could quit and still receive full pay and benefits from the company. Too good to be true? sure it is, if we're talking about a nine yo five job, but what if those extra hours are invested in proper internet marketing! The truth is that if you will succed in internet marketing, it will be with quality websites, good promotion tools, sound financial investments( you will never succed with only free stuff) and hard work.
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          ciordia9 Wayfarer
          Sure, what you've just said is a little bit of work that is properly applied and sound will net you a reward. That is not a statement which can be argued.

          Where a lot of home based businesses or those who get into MLM opportunities go wrong is that they do not know what they are doing. They don't understand a sales cycle, they don't understand or desire to make calls, generate leads, followup, training, as well as learning how to internet market, which is a giant domain all to its own.

          Many people get involved with high aspirations that a little work will go a long way only to find out they have a learning curve of months before they can even really begin to just add sustainable momentum to their project.

          It is very important to have good mentors and a peer network you can draw upon. To do plenty of due diligence into your market and to understand the efforts required to reach a payoff that makes you happy. Have real goals and build the map backwards, stay productive, stay in communities and find assistance, and when lost go back to paper and validate your plan of action.

          Everyone has the same opportunity of success, but it takes a lot of work and perseverance.

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              LUCKIEST Guide
              More Truth About Internet Marketing. Good answer, c9

              And remember SCORE. SCORE is FREE and can also help you succeed.
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                Iwrite Pioneer
                Great answer.

                May I add that most people don't believe in what they are selling - they believe in the potential for it to make them money but they really aren't excited about the product or service they are offering. They start hearing "no's," which ever salesperson will hear and get discouraged or lose interest. When a person believes in what they are selling the "no's" don't hurt as much and it is harder to get discouraged.

                Honestly, I don't understand work for yourself if you are not passionate or excited about what you are selling, why do it instead of working a regular job with benefits? Either way you are not happy - just making money, collecting a check.

                Not all of small business folks are doing it for the money, some of us are doing it for the freedom to pursue our passion. I love what I do, I hate doing it for someone else.
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                MoreTruth About Internet Marketing

                The meaning of the word truth extends from honesty, good faith, and sincerity in general,
                to agreement with fact or reality in particular The term has no single definition.
                Various theories of truth continue to be debated.
                There are differing claims as what constitutes truth, how to define and identify truth.

                And that is also the truth, LUCKIEST