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    need loan or line of credit to start a new business

    xreyes Newbie

      Hi everyone Im needing a loan or a line of credit to start a new business, it is a mexican bar and grill.
      I am located in dallas, and wanting to open it in a small place in the center of big corporate offices. There
      is only two other bar and grill located near by but one is an italian cafe and the other is an american bar and grill which get very packed. I am currently working in the area and notice that many people love mexican food but there are no places near by we have to drive at least a good 5 to 10 mins before locating this food. By the time they fix the food and serve it we are late to arrive back from lunch. I would like to open this because it would be convienent for most of us. Also there are apartments and lofts in the neighborhood, which probably house about anywhere from 2500 to 5000 people not including the workers in the corporate offices, which would probably add another 5000 people because these are big buildings. I am needing anywhere from 50000 to 75000 dollars. Also if possible maybe get feedback as to what you think?