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      I am in the beginning stages of opening a sports bar. Not a large one but quaint. What would be the aprox funding I would need to get it going and carry me through the first year to get it up off the ground. It is is a fast growing area no other real competitors near bar should go very well. It will only be beer and finger food type of bar. So not to much overhead as far as stock and food and beverage.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          funding, Welcome to this web site.

          Good luck with your planning of a sports bar. To answer your question re funding,
          it would help to know more. Location is VIP. If you are in a big city, costs are more.
          Begin putting thoughts and ideas on paper, developing a Business Plan.
          Your plans to develop a financially successful business.
          That also includes "Cash Flow" and that should help with the funds needed.
          You will need a liquor license. How many people on payroll??

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              twosisters Newbie
              thank you so much for your response. Yes it is going to be in a great location. Not in a big major city either but big enough to bring traffic. This area is taking off with no competition within in 20-30 miles for what we are trying to do. We have a lot of great resources as far as input for decor, construction, finishout etc. I have been running numbers for prices of beer monthly and sales, same with bottle beer and food. The way I have it so far if worse case we should stay above water in the first year. This is not going to be your everyday sports bar. This is based around to twin sisters who are huge sports fans making a sports bar for every type of person to enjoy. My question is how to I go about funding where to start with what kind of number I am not going to go and try to make the most expensive bar. We r doing everything a cheap as poss but looks good to keep overhead down. I have some people tell me 100k maybe 150k. Our rent space will be about 2300sq ft. This is our biggest expense so far. If you have any other recommendations I would surely appreciate it. Thanks again