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    Seeking investors for growth in ESL Asia Market

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      Investment Opportunity


      We are seeking serious for investors to help us expand an existing high potential growth company that supports the ESL community in Asia, mainly Taiwan. We have near-term profitability and in reach of substantial revenues, solid customer bases and highly differentiated products and services in our focus industries. We are seeking investors that are able to invest in the interest of taking our company and bring it to a higher level. Help grow your nest egg with a partnership we could establish with you, making it a very beneficial long term business relationship for both parties. We want to make money, and so do potential investors. Capitol investment is vital to all round business success. Businesses need funding, no matter how big or small they are. This is not a get rich scheme. This is an investment in an existing company that has supported its own start up capitol and day to day operations in the past 7 years to get established and acknowledged. We already offer many licensed services to the foreigner and Taiwanese community and worldwide web users.


      Our existing portfolio consists of a few top ranked information websites, a very popular Arts and Culture magazine which is distributed to 3/4 of Taiwan so far, a newly developing digital TV advertising sector and zoom able, bi-lingual mapping of Taiwan which we have invented and designed the unique code within our team. All of the above mentioned attributes are advertising income generating venues with large potential to grow. This business has been active in the community and sponsoring charity and social events for several years to make it to this crucial expansion and growth period. Even if you are not interested in helping introduce travel, living in Taiwan information, supporting select charities or supporting teaching the English language overseas, you can help make these services available to those who are and profit from it in good taste and manner.


      The money we're seeking will go for:

      • l Upgrading and expansion of existing offices and services.
      • l Development of bilingualism in all aspects and venues of existing business platforms.
      • l Developing new software for high end websites with full user interaction and complete existing zoom able maps
      • l Buying the digital software needed to expose the growth of new digital TV media concept enterprise that's currently in the early stages of development.
      • l Advertising costs and cross promotions to properly compete with the top competitors in this semi-competitive market and notify the consumer of our growth and future intentions.
      • l Distribution and print costs of existing magazine to remaining parts of Taiwan and establish sample runs outside of Taiwan to gain government support and possible grants from Taiwan.
      • l Training of additional staff including IT managers, designers and salesmen.
      • l Develop a shopping cart with SSC (Secure Server Certificate) to model and sell unique products online such as a stem balance health product and a scaled universe with actual pictures for school classroom projects


      We are preferably looking for silent investors, not working partners, but if you can bring the needed skills to the table as well as a partial investment, then we're open to start negotiations.


      Give or loan us money to generate a return on your investment, and as our business or venture flourishes, financial reciprocation is common, depending on what kind of deal we work out.


      Are you willing to take a risk, because it is an opportunity that's realistic?


      We want to keep this unique and powerful business expanding and growing fast, and become number one in this existing trend setting market, so our needs are fairly large. We have the facility, the tools, and the knowledge to attain a large market share. We just need the next supportive boost. We are looking for 60,000 to 110,000 US dollars to make this work quickly and effectively. We will take multiple investors. If this looks like something you would like to be involved with, e-mail me at


      Thank you.


      Meng Hsing Advertising Agency