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    Company Sponsorship or donations?

    avello Newbie
      I am starting a educational childrens entertianment center and wondered if it was possible to approach local businesses for donations to build different aspects of the business and in return offer those companies recognition as sponsors as well as advertisment of their business within the center? Does anyone know if this is possible and how I would approaching businesses with this concept?
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          Assuming that your business is for-profit rather than non-profit, you mainly have to be careful that no one feels deceived or misled (either intentionally or inadvertently) by your solicitation process. In fact, you might want to totally stay away from the term "donations," and focus on "sponsorships" (much the way a merchandiser pays NASCAR or the Olympic committee to be the "official whatever" of those organizations, you'd be offering sponsorship opportunities).

          As far as approaching businesses, you really have to formulate a "what's in it for them?" message to get their interest, and back-up that message with credible evidence that you can deliver on what you promise. This is easier for an established business than a brand new one, so begin with individuals you know and businesses that you feel would have similar values and community interests. You might also make "pre-emptive" contacts with your local BBB, chamber of commerce, and neighborhood organizations to give them a heads-up about what you're doing (and maybe get additional ideas that will help you).

          Don't get discouraged when you set out -- and likewise, don't base your initial operating expenses on the premise that you'll get sponsorships right away -- it's an ongoing process that will take some time to be effective.

          Hope this helps. Best wishes.
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