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    WE can get you Fast Capital...3-10 business days!!

    eeco88 Newbie

      Unlike your traditional lending institutions (bank), we put little bearing on personal credit and actually can take into consideration your future revenue as an asset. As opposed to taking months we can get you capital in as little as 72 hours to 10 days. We like to start small and build a relationship of trust. 18-36 months down the road we will assess your ability to deploy capital in a way to make your business more profitable. At this time we will be able to advance you an open line of credit from 10's of thousands to a few million upwards to hundreds of millions, its all based on your current revenue. You can use this capital for a variety of reasons; to buyout competitors, pay off bills, pay any debt off, upgrade equipment, give you more liquidity in market, or to just cover your pay roll.



      Please feel free to contact me for more information about our services at and to discuss your needs.


      Also feel free to check out our website at


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