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    business plans/porprsle

    rgolivia Newbie
      how do you get started with that and who is best to prfoo read it.
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          RickFelten Adventurer
          rgolivia, love the typo in "proof read"!!

          Sounds like you have a plan already, but I don't know the precise state of it (draft, final, ready for funding, already in business, etc.). If you share some additional information, I'm sure that I or another can give you some great advice.
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            Bridge Navigator
            Based on your typing skills "porpsle" and "prfoo" you certainly need a third party to proof it!

            If you don't have/trust someone to proof it, try putting it down for 24 hours and picking it back up - you be be surpried at how it looks after being away from it. You can also try reading it backwards - that way you are just looking at the words for spelling and will not get caught up in your thoughts.

            By the way, my typing skills are no better (just look at some of my posts - the look just fine until I hit the submit button).

            You also might want to Lobby for an "Edit" function where posters can change their original posts - I believe it is in "Open Letter" in the community area.
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              LUCKIEST Guide

              WHAT IS PORPRSLE ?????????
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                There are a number of resources you can find online (some free, some not) that can help you with your business plan. Just enter "help with business plan" in any search engine and you will find many sources to check out. One site that you might find useful is:

                Also, you can search within this site for "business Plan" and find many postings, some from experienced business professionals, that might be useful to you as well.

                Dennis Lowery
                Adducent, Inc.