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    WordPress Problem. wp_categories database doesn't exist!?

    introdor Wayfarer

      The following was posted to the forum a couple of days ago but unfortunately I have not received a single answer, so I was wondering if anyone here would possibly know the answer?

      I have a bit of a strange situation. When I accees my WP blog online the categories and the posts within them are showing correctly. However, if I go into WP Admin and Manage Categories there are no categories showing and I get the following error message:

      "WordPress database error:
      SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS * FROM wp_categories WHERE category_parent = '0' ORDER BY cat_name LIMIT 0, 50"

      I discovered this because I wanted to add an RSS feed using a plugin called SmartRSS. You need to specify a category, of course it states there aren't to choose from! I get the following, similar error message:

      "WordPress database error:
      select cat_ID, cat_name from wp_categories"

      I have had a look at my cpanel / Databases & MyPHPAdmin but I'm afraid my technical knowledge isn't good enough to solve the problem.

      Would really appreciate it if anyone could let me know how to fix this.

      Many thanks