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    Investment opportunities

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      We have reached the production phase and have a partial budget in place. We've had wonderful responses from interviewees that have confirmed and are on the schedule. We begin our cross country trip to acquire these interviews coming in the next week. It is not too late for anyone wishing to get in on this film. We are interested in anyone who has any amount to put towards the creation of this film. Please request a limited partner packet for more information. It could not hurt to read it and check out this opportunity. The packet includes a full list of interviewees and the financial details. Below I have copied the overview of this project.


      "An Inconvenient Tax," is a feature length High-Definition documentary film about the
      dire need for tax reform in the United States.  Interviews, archival footage, and in-
      depth looks into the lives of average citizens, combine to tell the story of the current tax
      reform movements, taking place within the United States.  This film will be the first
      documentary to tackle such a monumental issue that so directly impacts every
      American.  If the American people fail to clearly understand the U.S. tax system and the
      ways it can change, they forfeit control of their money to those with special interests
      and reduce America's competitiveness in the world.

      It is our goal through "An Inconvenient Tax," not to promote any particular plan, but to
      shed a much needed light on current U.S. tax policy and potential reform.  We will
      weigh arguments for our current income-based system versus a consumption-based
      system, using examples from around the world and interviews with leading economists.
      It is also important to document the current battle for tax reform from the front lines.  This
      will be accomplished by following the grassroots movement gaining the most support,
      the FairTax.  We hope to identify the passion and perseverance of those fighting for
      reform and connect on a personal level with those Americans who may be the force of

      This film begins production in June, and with the upcoming election, a political piece
      such as this will be at the height of appeal in many distribution markets.  We wish to use
      this to the film's advantage in order to gain a wider audience than a typical
      documentary would normally capture.

      The budget for the film is appoxmatily $300,000 and production begins in June. We
      currently have a partial budget and are looking to secure the entire amount before film
      production begins. Each investor will become a limited partner to the company
      created to represent the film. Observer Productions LLC. Life Is My Movie Entertainment
      will manage and produce the film. Upon sale of the film, the limited partner will be paid
      back their investment imediately and will reveieve a percent of the total profits
      allocated to the limited partner, equal to their percent of investment in the total
      budget. The total shares allocated to the limited partner will be equal to 35% of the net
      profits after sale of the film.

      Few film investment opportunities have social relevance, an entertaining story structure,
      and the potential for a return, like "An Inconvenient Tax". Life is My Movie believes that
      this film has the ability to be the most important film ever created about taxes in our
      country's history. 

      Thanks so much,
      Nathan McGill
      Life is My Movie Entertainment