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    See my necklace tonight!

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      Hi, Friends-

      I thought it would be neat to let all my SBOC pals know that tonight you can see one of MY necklaces worn on a LIVE Webcast by Mindy McCortney of Home Shopping Network fame!

      The Webcast will be presented on Wednesday, June 4th at 8:30 p.m. Eastern time at:


      This is very cutting edge and cool!


      The necklace is a Kenneth Fron original 1-of-a-kind called: "Caliente" which means HOT - - -so expect something RED and SPARKLY!!!

      Everyone knows Mindy McCortney! She has been a host on HSN for over 15 years and now has her own company called Seriesse International. I hope you will please check it out tonight!!!

      Thank you!