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    New Small Business advice sought...

    yeesquiv Newbie

      I am in the research and development phase for my new business, and I'm hoping to get some advice from pros and to get in touch with possible suppliers.

      1. I am seeking initial financial help with starting my business. I am currently working on getting my business plan together, but if anyone is interested in financing this venture, please contact me so I can send you my business plan as soon as it is completed. The business is a clothing store aimed at the teen and tween market. The clothing can be labeled as urban-style clothing, mostly tees with complex graphics. Clothing will also have logos and mascots from the local 5 high schools. My hope is to get exclusive deals with the high schools to design, supply, and exclusively sell their spirit shirts. (Spirit shirts are the only approved clothing outside of the standard uniform dress code. Kids use every opportunity to get out of wearing uniforms. Including buying numerous spirit shirts.)

      2. I have my designs, but I need to figure out how I actually get them printed onto a very large amount of t-shirts ranging in sizes from Youth Small to Adult 2XL. Any help here such as suppliers for the tees to shirt printers that can handle large orders is greatly appreciated.


      If you need or want any more information, or have questions. Jut shoot me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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          Mergent Adventurer

          Sounds like you have a passion for the shirts, and the clothing industry. One of the main things that anyone looking to finance this is going to see is a business plan. I own a business plan development company, and I would be more than happy to look over it for free and give you some feedback.

          Also, what do you mean by large order? I know a few people at various T-Shirt printing companies, and I may be able to get you a quote depending on your artwork and sizes and order size.

          Feel free to contact me at 702-538-1798, or e-mail me at I will be in and out all day, so the best way to contact me is going to be to e-mail me at the above address.

          Best Regards,

          Brian Mosko
          Mergent Planning

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            elevatingyour Wayfarer
            Go to your local SBA office and talk (free) to a counselor. OR see if there is an incubator near you and set up an appointment with a counselor.
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              Think about what you really want to do. In your post you mentioned 3 businesses:

              1) Clothing store

              2) Clothing design

              3) Clothing manufacturing

              Trying all three at once would be a substantial undertaking. Decide what you really want to do.

              You might consider designing/printing T-shirts and selling them to local stores; possibly on consignment at first.
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                Can you possibly elaborate on your product/imprint specifications (what kind/style of shirts and what imprint process) and some of the restrictions that exist? By restrictions, I mean the things that your experience and market research have told you that a customer, school district, or community might prohibit, discourage, or object to in terms of product sources, production methods, materials, dyes, etc.

                For instance . . . imagine negotiating what seems like an unbelievable deal for 10,000 shirts, imprinted perfectly to your specs, from a manufacturer that someone here recommends. The first kid who buys one takes it home, and his parents (who live in a community with a strong union workforce) notice that was manufactured overseas in a factory notorious for exploiting child labor. They complain to the school board, then the local chamber of commerce, and then the media -- and in no time, you're a villain (and you're in the paint rag business rather than the clothing business).

                Again, if you can explain a little more precisely what your specs and restrictions are, it will be easier to suggest some viable suppliers.
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                    I agree with Lighthouse and would like to mention it could be as simple as a local school not wanting you to use their logo or just don't like what you did with it.

                    As an example, 25+ years ago when I was in HS, my friend and I made some prototype shirts for our school. We wore them to school and the kids loved them, the front office staff asked where they could buy them, and the Principal kick us off campus that day.

                    Now, we had actually purchased two "official" school shirts and modified them but were told in not uncertain terms we were not authorized to use the school logo in any form.

                    The next year, one of our younger friends (we had graduated) Printed up 1,000 T-shirts based on our design and sold them directly to students. They were all over campus, expecially at Football games. The principal caved - can't really expell 600+ students.

                    Only problem was, he made no money. 600 was his "breakeven" point based on cost/sale price. Don't overextimate demand. The shirts sure looked popular when 600 kids wore them to a footbal game but that does not mean they made money! And kids from other schools sure did not want shirts with our logo on them.

                    As a side note, with the stricture dress codes today, I am not sure the shirts would have made it at all!
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                    Krystal.srvs Wayfarer

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