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    Will money really make everything right?

    Iwrite Pioneer
      I've noticed the large volume of requests on this site for loans, investors, angels, partners or whatever to help with an infusion of money. It got me to thinking:

      Will money really solve the problems?

      What I'm asking is will money make your business successful or are there other factors that you can address that will either get your business on its feet or keep it going?

      I wonder if it can be that simple? Is a lack of funding really the major reason most of us are struggling?

      Or are there creative ways we can address issues that can help us succeed even when we do not have the money?

      Are you really working your business plan?

      The advice you get from SCORE or a mentor, are you _listening_?

      Is money really the answer?

      Are you managing the funds you have to the best of your ability?

      Is there another way to do what you are trying to do?

      Is money what your business really needs?

      With all the requests for money, I wonder if money is really the answer?

      I don't know. I am asking myself the same questions.

      I'll post my answers a little later.



        • Re: Will money really make everything right?
          LUCKIEST Guide
          Will money really make everything right?? Great subject

          No, just look at our government. They know how to print and give away money.
          Is the government managing the funds to the best of their ability??
          Why do they mint silver dollars for $1.00 that collectors can resell for $19.00??

          Iwrite, You really have an answer?? LUCKIEST

          Talking about working a business plan, read the following clip

          Legitimate and Longevity
          is major factors when seeking to make income. Programs
          that disappear rapidly (97% of all work at home programs online will
          disappear before one year) are
          a waste of time and energy. The key to making money, is
          utilizing the best programs that truly will be here for you tomorrow. Make lots of money, and invest a very small fraction of it into a legitimate
          business opportunity that will pay you growing residual income.
          Keep in
          mind, that business opportunity must also have a low price tag and a
          very good service or products. After all, who wants to spend time
          building up a program that is gone within three months! Who wants to
          spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a business opportunity that
          is hot for one month and gone the next!


          If I could show you how to
          place hundreds to thousands of dollars in your pocket every month,
          would you be interested? If I could show you
          how to make lots of money and make growing residual income
          would you be interested? Thousands of people the world over have
          answered YES to those two questions. It's really up
          to you how much money you want to make.