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    Need advice on SEO

    blesstech Newbie
      Can you please visit and suggest how we can improve our keywords and meta tags?

      If meta tags or key words are long, it means key words towards the end will be ignored by Search Engines?

      Is it recomended to have unique keyword/meta tags for each page on website (we have only unique titels)?

      Is revising keywords and meta tags content too often helps or hampers SEO?

      How is site map helpful for SEO?

      How having multiple domain names (pointing to same site) can help in getting more visits and more hits in SEO?

      Please respond.
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          Glyndower Newbie

          Generally speaking, search engines will only index the first 100,000 k they find on any one page of your website.

          The META tag "keywords" is ignored by the vast majority of search engines.

          The best approach seems to be to design pages to focus on two or three of your key phrases. Also creating specific site areas or sub-topics seems to also work well.

          Search engines also seem to favor sites that have regular changes or updates to their content.

          A site map allows for the search engines to find places of your site they may have missed in the past. They also serve as a general location where updated pages/areas can be found. Sitemaps should be updated on a regular basis. Site map information is available from Google Web Tools.

          I generally reccomned that a minimum of two domain names are used. One that is "user-friendly" to be used in printed material and for clients. Then another that uses your most relevant keywords. Examples would be:
 - as a User-friendly name
 - as an example of a domain using the keywords "cool things"

          Hopefully this helps.

          GWD, Inc.
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              your_web_guy Adventurer
              or better yet, "user friendly" one with good keywords.

              i have wondered if and when google might start not liking the practice of the double domain with the user friendly one just pointed at the seo one. Seems like something spammers will start taking advantage of and therefore will cause google to start blacklisting folks for... i dunno - i might just be being paranoid :/
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                  Glyndower Newbie
                  I think that unlikly assuming that the keyword/phrase used in the domain name actually appear on the website that is directing people to. Google has no problem with keyowrds used that are accurate to the site.

                  They would however probably have an issue with being directed to a page about underwater basket weaving. As the keywords being used in the URL have no bearing on the content of the site...this would be considered spamming. I am obviously over-simplifing here just to keep it easy :)

                  Truth in advertising is always rewarded in Google..that has been my experience.
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                      your_web_guy Adventurer
                      oh no doubt... that is how it is now... i just wonder if google will ever change the algo to start nailing folks for it. Any time there is something made just for googlebot the algo seems to start working toward not including it... ie the black text on a black background just for googlebot to see rather than surfers... the seo url is for googlebot to see and the other is just for surfers, yknow? like i said, im prolly over thinking it LOL
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                  crsw_85301 Newbie
                  When you choose your meta tags don't use the most popular ones. The reason why is because look how many millions or other hundreds of thousands people have chosen them. Essentially you want good words that pertain to your site that will help it stand out but will not be buried with two million other sites that also use the same tags. Utilize the most popular tags along with stand out tags to increase your visibilty.
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                      Glyndower Newbie
                      The META tag 'keyword' is totally ignored by the vast majority of search engines and has been since somewhere around 2002.

                      You don't choose META tags, they are part of the coding of your website. You choose "keywords" or "phrases".

                      You want to choose key phrases or words. There are many tools available to help you with this. Of course they all use exisitng content on your site to determine your best keyword/phrases. So it is helpful to have a lot of your content in place before you start the keyword/phrase selection process.

                      Google Webmaster Tools and also AdWords has a keyword suggestion tool. A search for "keyword suggestion tool" can also yeild some very good results.

                      The META tag "description" is still used by Search is very important to use this tag and to provide a well written informational tidbit prefferable with a call to action (i.e Click here! ) and to also include your primary keyword or phrase in this description.

                      A good point is made here though...trying to compete with common keywords is just silly. You should be as specific as possible and stay away from generalities.

                      An example would be "real estate" as a key phrase. This is not very specific and getting to the top of the result page for this keyword search would be a monumental task. Getting to the top results for the key phrase "Spring Hill FL real estate" would be much easier and will produce a client that is interested in YOUR specific product. Assuming of course that you sell real estate in Spruing Hill FL :)
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                      Frank_WHH Newbie
                      Hi blesstech
                      As mentionned, keywords are rarely used nowadays.
                      1. Your meta description should be different on every page and contain your important page 'keywords'
                      2. Your copywriting (texts) should be 'keywords' focused
                      3. Sitemaps are important, but not as much as you want for imrpoving your SEO
                      4. Adding content regularly to your site will also help
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                        horizonsm Newbie
                        One of the EASIEST ways to boost your rankings is to make the stuff between your title tags right. From what I've seen of your source file, it's way too long because it is literally a sentence. Put your key words there, and put only like 2-3 keywords. That should help your rankings significantly.
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                          SEOpro Adventurer
                          The very first thing I always do to check the "SEO quality" of a website when someone asks is to enter it into (I think it's owned by but I'm not sure.
                          It gives you a top to bottom report on quality, visibility, keywords, what's missing, etc., and a "score" out of a hundred.

                          The second thing I do is measure it against 12 "check points" in the followign document:

                          Those two things will get you 80% of the way.

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                            blitzlocal Adventurer
                            I'd use LinkScape-- the new SEO monitoring tool by SEOmoz.
                            Here's what Aaron Wall of SEObook has to say:

                            I'm not paid by these guys--
                            just someone who uses SEO tools for a living.

                            local internet marketing
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                              markrobinson Wayfarer
                              You should have to do some hard work on keyword research and keyword analysis and also work on search the numbers of competitors for become make your website more visible through a good seo.
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                                judryn27 Newbie
                                having unique words is must and the keywords should be at the rate of 4-7 per page.
                                updating or refreshing the keywords should be done often.

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                                  judryn27 Newbie
                                  keywords should be 4-7 per page and it should be unique.
                                  contents should be often refreshed or updated.

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                                      snvservices Wayfarer
                                      Well, the advice I will give you on SEO is it is better to first understand the need and work of web site as, the content and the look of web site should be very good and professional then the choice of the keywords should be like it shoud be targeted at the right place in the web site to attract the people.

                                      Then the processes should be done properly to get more traffic and link back to your site.

                                      if you want to know more about SEO then you can simply go through the resource
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                                    • Articles and fresh niche content
                                      ArticleWriter Newbie
                                      The best way to rank high in search engines in my opinion is to fill your website with original niche content and add to that content regularly (weekly ideally). This way every relevant keyword will eventually be used organically so that your content is not keyword stuffed and not only reads well but the searchengines favour it.

                                      I write articles for websites and the more articles I write on a niche topic the better it is for the site and if you look at the top ranking sites in searchengines you will often find they are rich in article content & question and answers from members (which is a way of generating FREE fresh niche content) and so on.

                                      This site encourages articles perhaps for that very reason. They increase searchengines interest in the site.
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                                        SEO_guy Newbie
                                        I've found that SEO is ever changing. Meta tags that you ask about are kind of a thing of the past. What counts today is good links, and social networking websites. There are companies that can offer guaranteed SEO services, and is no risk alternative to you figuring SEO out yourself, check out:


                                        Hope this helps you or someone. Don't overdo your keywords in meta tags or body text to ensure greatest SEO success results.