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    Let's take this offline - a meeting of the minds

    Iwrite Pioneer
      Hello all,

      I'm Derek Walker or Iwrite.

      I recently posted a thread about doing a series of dinner meetings with potential clients to get my advertising agency's name out there. Well, a few members have expressed a desire to get together off line and meet to further exchange ideas and thoughts on running a small business.

      So, I wanted to asks, "what are your thoughts about meeting in person?"

      I will coordinate a meeting in Dallas, Texas for those interested. I am thinking about sometime in mid-July. I don't have anything solid planned but would be happy to hear any and all suggestions.

      I don't want to break any board rules and forgive me if I have but I wanted to see if anyone was interested. I think this would be great!

      I can be reached at or simply add your comments to this post.


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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Derek it was just fabulous speaking with you today! Count me in!!! We are always looking for the something 'extra'. Jim is looking forward to meeting you as well.

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Iwrite, great idea, Let's take this offline

            You are in Dallas, (yes we know) Texas.
            How about starting with a conference call first. B of A has members all over
            and I have used Free Bridge in the past.
            See the following

            We are very pleased that you have chosen to use FreeBridge for your conference
            call needs!

            FreeBridge has unlimited uses for your professional or
            personal life. For example, FreeBridge is commonly used to conduct board
            meetings, legal depositions, sales or training seminars, or even getting family
            and friends together. See your business processes streamlined, increase
            productivity, communicate vital information quickly, and save time and money
            with FreeBridge!

            Lets get a conference going and then based on location, try meeting

            Just a suggestion, LUCKIEST