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    fheath Newbie

      Hello to everyone. I am new to the forum and was looking for some ideas. I am looking to start a business making and selling jewelry. I have also thought about buying bulks of jewelry and selling them at my own price. I need to make business cards also but can't seem to think of a name. I would greatly appreciate any information. Thanks in advance.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Newbie, Welcome

          How soon are you looking to start a business ??
          A Business Name is very important and so is a Business Plan.

          Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE.
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              fheath Newbie
              I came up with a name. Thanks for the info.
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                  slimsdizz Newbie
                  The problem I see with reselling jewelry is everyone is doing it. I suspect if you went into jewelry getting into a specialized area would be the way to go. Ebay may make you some small amounts of cash but if you want long term stability here is how I would do it first of all the nicolas hyak watch makeing school is superb, This is a very intensive specialized field that has a super high demand for employees and custom watch and clock makers. The sky is the limit. Statistically the number of watch makers in the world has been declining steadily to the point that the swiss have opened intensive schools in the USA. Most of these schools are free yet very high demanding but could place you in a career makeing alot more money than a doctor. In my opion there is nothing better than being able to take pride in you labour. Maybe this idea isn't your thing. Have you ever though of learning to laser weld jewelry that would open the door for a high paying career that really entails custom pieces. This field as well if you mastered it pays a very very high salary. Needless to say before I got on ebay or the net reselling the same stuff that everyone else is selling. I think I would sit down and evaluate my life,my goals,my intrests,as well as personality traits. I would find a specialized niche in the jewelry industry. Alot of the time you have to crawl before you can walk and apprenticeship programs are an excellent way to get your foot in the door and I have never met a jewler who won't take on somone who wants to learn the buisness. Most people can't just say hey this is cool I'm going to start a buisness. You may have the idea of the century I don't know but I would recomend getting as much experience in the field as I could and then go for your dream. A real winner will fall flat on there face a thousand times and each time he or she learns a lesson the person who perfects there craft by falling on there face and getting back up until they suceed are the ones who make a nice living and make alot of money. I say use your name in the name of your buisnes. Like coras custom jewelry just an example but sometimes keeping it simple is a good thing. I also recomend always haveing a safety cushion to fall back on. If you look you will see I am in two diffrent areas of buisness. I diversified myself if one market goes bad I have that safety net to fall back on this protects me and also protects the bank in a responsible way. People tend to put all there eggs in one basket. I believe in having a safety net. Good luck to you and I hope you suceed and have a wonderful day..
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                MRFINANCE Adventurer
                Have you tried testing your product on Ebay? Try it. Then see the response. It is a cheap way to start.Take good photos.




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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger
                  Why not use your own name? That's worked for almost every successful jewelry maker and seller (large and small) I can think of.

                  Welcome to the community and good luck with your new endeavor!
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                    EL_DollarShop Adventurer

                    Greetings Newbie,
                    If your realy considering selling jewelry as a business, your going to get into probly one of the easiest business's out there to get going. But here are a couple of sugestions you might want to try.

                    * Get a good digital camera - You want to take qaulity pictures of items you wish to sell.

                    * Go to a fabric store or even a dollar store and get some BLACK FELT - Great for background when taking pictures of the jewelry.

                    • Get a large safe! - Odds are you will have more valuables than can fit in a jewelry box, protect your investments from theives!

                    * Buy a nice photo album to put photos of jelwelry in. - Carry it with you everywhere you go, you never know who might be interested in looking at what you have. Much easier than carring around inventory as well as safer.

                    * Ebay is alright, but they charge for each sale. Try Craigslist You can place adds with pictures for free, and they don't charge you fees if you sell anything. Plus they are world wide! You can sell local or go global!

                    * Set up a Paypal business account so people can order jewelry online from you - People feel safer doing business that way, it's safe & secure.

                    * Consider getting your own domain name website to sell your products online. - These days web hosting can be pretty cheap. I suggest getting a decent software program that can set up your website with a shopping cart feature, customer info gathering, and other great stuff you see on other web sites that people order things from.

                    • Start a BLOG. Try or - Let people out there know what your doing, and share your ideas. Besides these blogs are free, but might help you get the sales your looking for.

                    • Create a marketing plan stratagy - Remember the Supply & Demand objective, you can not sell what you do not have.

                    Hope some of this advice helps you get it going in the right direstion?

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                      vistasad Adventurer
                      fheath, You must have taken a course of action. We would like to hear about it. This would help those who are at a distance.