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    Angel / Partner Wanted - Backlog of Orders, Inventory Needed

    zzniflod Newbie

      I need an investor or a business partner. Here are the facts....

      We are in our 7th year of operation.


      I have $60K in current purchase orders from large companies.


      To date, my revenues are up over last year (71K vs 112K).
      I have made over 700K in revs over the last 4 years and continue to reinvest.
      I keep running out of inventory.
      I have not marketed this year at all.

      The bank see's my inflows and outflows from my account and still will not help because I am leveraged. It is amazing how hard it is to find money.

      People love our products. My problem is I have not had the cash to have future orders...ordered. I have inventory, and then run out for 3 months. I must break this cycle.

      We have operated on shoestring marketing budgets.

      It is clear the best inventors do not make the best business managers, or marketers, or operations managers.


      I need an angel.


      Please help.