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      *(XBRAND) Fitness
      The name "XBRAND"
      is used throughout the document in order to keep brand

      XBRAND Fitness
      Wear is designed to meet today's diverse fitness needs and the desire for women
      to work out in style. Founded by Canadian designer Josh Lunt in colaberations
      with Brasil's top fitness brand. XBRAND swears by their state of the art
      engineered fabrics to be a cut above industry standards. Our entire line is
      available in "One Size Fits Most", fitting well sizes from 2 to 10. Colaberating
      with a Brazilian heavyweight who has developed a reputation for producing high
      quality fitness clothing which is sold around the world, ensures a bright future
      and success for XBRAND.

      XBRAND uses the latest Supplex®, from Dupont,
      fabric technology to ensure freedom of movement. Supplex® fabric also helps your
      body stay dry and comfortable, so you can focus on keeping fit and healthy!
      XBRAND is designed perfectly for yoga, gym workouts, capoeira, athletics,
      pilates, climbing etc. In fact we believe XBRAND will make you look and feel so
      great, you won't only wear it for your workout!
      Produce and grow, and referential of beauty, quality
      and comfort in clothes for practice of sports in the national and international
      market, promoting quality of life.

      Trust, ethics,
      originality, social responsibility, honesty and respect with the client, and
      quality in everything we do.

      Production of clothes for practice
      of sports, focusing on the North American market, always looking for fashion and
      quality of life.

      Until 2012, is a benchmark of fashion sport in all
      continents, with the mark XBRAND uniting health, beauty, fashion, quality and
      customer respect, with profitability.
      To begin business
      start-up costs we are looking at a $200,000.00+ USD investment.
      The capital will take
      care of the introduction of XBRAND within the first 6 months

      • Manufacturing
      (XBRAND Clothing Line in Brasil) $125,000.00• Shipping (FOB - Brasil
      to North America) $3,000.00
      • Website
      $3,000.00• Advertising
      /Photography $15,000.00• Expenditures
      $6,000.00• Incorporation /
      Trademark / Registration $2,500.00• CA# / RN# (Ability to
      sell textiles in North America) $500.00• Office Supplies
      $5,000.00• Salary for 6 months
      $25,000.00• Flights
      $10,000.00• Miscellaneous


      Borrower's Name :
      Josh Lunt Address : 3609 43 Ave. City / Province / Postal
      Code : Edmonton / Alberta / T6L 4J5 Phone : 780.920.6863 Email Address : Project Name : XBRAND
      (Fitness Wear) Type of Financing
      Requested : Investment Capital Amount of Financing
      Requested : $200,000.00+ USD Purpose of Loan :
      Business Start-Up