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      My ultimate goal is to get a business line of credit without a perosonal gurantor. I am working with a consultaion company and they are pushing me to have more tradelines on my credit. They want me to get car loans and other tradelines. They say you can have a 700+ score but without tradelines your credit is not strong. What I don't understand is I am trying to get business credit not perosonal or any gurantees. I have an LLC with over two years old with established paydex score of 80+. Is there any buisness lines of credit out there without having to personally gurantee it. I do not understand why I need tradelines to strengthen my personal credit.
      I want to invest in the real estate market like a lot of others. Detroit area was hit hard by foreclosures and investors are piling up. I have some killer plans but lack of capital. Would anyone have any suggestions. Thanks....