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    needing a loan or line of credit

    DEVINCORP Newbie
      I have just spent the past few years working along the side of a very successful real estate investor who taught me alot about the industry. In fact its probably safe to say I taught him just as much as he taught me. Anyway, I learned alot about investing in real estate and have chosen to do the very same thing myself. However, everyone knows it takes money to make money which is what I am needing help with. I have a credit score of 718 and fairly good credit. I also have a little cahs flow of my own but not nearly enough to get me started with I have been working on. I have ran across a great investment opportunity but like I said, I dont have quite enough money to make the deal work which is why I am posting this thread today. If anyone has any ideas about how I could get the financing I need for investing in some real estate, I would be forever greatful. I am needing a loan or line of credit to help me get started. I would like to get approved for at least $200,00o and so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thank you!.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Needing a loan or line of credit, Welcome

          Tell me more. Where are you?? How do I get in touch with you??
          Where should I mail the check??
          Do you have a Business and Marketing Plan that I can read??
          How long do you need the funds for?? and How will you pay me back??
          Yes I agree with you,* *it takes money to make money.

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            Go sell yourself and your ideas. Go find private investors. If you have a great idea the investors will start to salivate and come out of the wood-work. Show investors what you have done and what you plan to do. Offer them 12% interest and give them a mortgage on the property.


            Good Luck!!



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