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    AdSense vs Ad Networks?

    scorecitylady Newbie
      If I have a website producing decent traffic, will I earn more from Adsense or selling ads over networks?

      How much traffic/impressions per month do I need to sell ads on
      these networks?

      At what traffic volume can I sell banner ads for flat rates to big sponsors, and how do I price the ads, say for exclusive sponsorship of the site for six months?

      There's a zillion list of agencies selling online. How does someone
      new to all this decide which to approachor use?
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          milehighguy Newbie
          I do not have an answer, but this is a great question! I am looking for a profile on how to measure the start up of a wesite using this info.
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            Spamfork Wayfarer

            The Network ads are moot likely going to pay you very little. To get into the premium networks you'll lots of traffic and data (like comscore) showing you have business users etc Without knowing anything about your site - my guess is you would end up with like 30cents to $1.20 CPM.

            When can you sell site sponsorship or direct banners? Depends on how targeted or niche focused your site is and what audience it reaches. For example a site that gets 20K unique for a specific disease and only that disease might be interested but a site that has 20K unique for all diseases wouldn't be interesting at all....


            I'd look at who is sponsoring your competitor's sites. It's possible they'll even post their ad rates which will give you insight into who and how much....

            I would start with AdSense if I were you.... Then you can cocentrate on building great content and let the advertisers come to you....
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              Bridge Navigator
              Your can also look to sell the advertsing directly to sponsors yourself. You can use free software such as OpenAds to manage the banners. OpenAds allows zones, campaigns, banner rotations, auot-reporting, etc.

              Documentation is so-so but the program works great.

              Using 3rd parties will make you very little money. You could look to do a combination of OpenAds and Adsense/networks.

              As an example, look at the home page for

              Two of the banners were sold directly to advertisers/sponsors for falt fees for 6 month runs. The other ads appear in rotation (we use Commission Junction with is another ad site to check out)

              The CJ ads are almost place holders generating pennies while the direct advertisers we solicited ourselves pay us thousands.

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