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    Refinancing your home???

    coinneseur Newbie
      Is anybody refinancing their home? Did you know that refinancing causes you to make thousands upon thousands of dollars extra in unnecessary payments on your mortgage? We are offering a free download of our software that will analyze your mortgage and show you exactly how much money you can save by NOT refinancing your home. It's probably at least $50K of your hard earned money that has been literally taken away from you.

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          DiamondVLO Newbie
          I tend to disagree. Any reputable mortgage lender or broker should provide you with a break-even analysis that details the total cost of refinancing. This analysis should clearly determine exactly when your new savings will exceed the cost of refinancing. Armed with this knowledge, a homeowner can then make the decision if they plan to remain in their home and mortgage for the amount of time necessary to realize a savings from the refinancing. Properly presented, the numbers will speak for themselves.