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    Start-up & working capital for env engineering/law practice

    smuschiano215 Newbie
      Anyone have some suggestions on where to begin on this. I am a professional environmental engineer and just finished law school with bar exam ahead. Moving forward, the goal is to open shop and practice in both as a sole. What types of start-up and working capital opportunities are out there. This is a bit of a unique venture.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Start-up for env engineering / law practice, Welcome, Tell us more.

          Where are you, like city and state?? Is that where you be opening shop and practice??

          Go to Members Page and tell us more info.

          I usually write about SCORE. Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE.

          Also suggest developing a Business plan.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              smuschiano215 Newbie

              Location is New England (Providence first, then expand). Basically, I have been a professional environmental engineer for 12 years and just finished law school. So once I get past the bar this July and pass, the plan, basically, is to offer both services to clients. It is a very unique service offering in that I can provide clients with both environmental (technical) expertise and environmental legal services. Additional, I can handle very complex environmental matters from concept through permitting, representing clients in both capacities (engineering (site planning and design), land use planning and zoning, permitting and other related matters. For instance, a client that wants to develop a brownfields site. I can provide the environmental due diligence, environmental assessment, investigation, remediation as a registered environmental professional and the associated legal services (zoning, reg permitting, real estate transactions, regulatory negotiation, etc.).

              Having practiced in this area for a long enough time, the typical attorneys that I come across that handle these types of matters tend to cause a great deal of waste in terms of client resources because they don't grasp the critical path technical aspects readily and they spend a great deal of client time/money back and forth with technical professionals understanding the issues.

              There are of course attorneys without an science/engineering background that are exceptional, but they are few and far between up here Of course, I have a learning curve, which is to say I will need to find the courthouse on my own on occasion (which might necessitate association of co-counsel), etc., but the majority of my work would focus on peer-to-peer counseling, client counseling, regulatory (local, state and federal) permitting negotiation and possibly lobbying, where there are opportunities.

              I hope that provides some better understanding. Of course, there are hurdles inherently in everything (my situation, for example, how to represent a client as counsel and also give testimony at a zoning hearing.... but, again, it is manageable with use of peers, as needed. Target clients would be the Pharms, big box marts, developers; persons whom continuously have need for guidance/interpretation/sheparding through environmental regulations,etc...

              I am not familiar with SCORE outside of a cursory review of their website.