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    need help with cash

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      Southern Companies Staffing Agency is a locally owned and operated business in South West Georgia. By trade I ( Alton Brock ) am an Investigator with the local Police Department. My Best Friend from childhood ( Darrell King ) wife past away and since she had ran his tile business for the past 15 years he became my partner due to the fact he was unable to be in that business without her. Anyway we are in a transition period and are in the need of working capital. We have an opportunity at this time to gain more contracts, but the bigger companies will only do 30 net. At this time we do not have enough working capital to do so and are looking for a loan. I am reading up on the patriot express loans for veterans, but there are no banks around my location to apply with for this type of loan. My credit has went down over the past few months trying to stay in business and as for Darrell his went down due to his wife passing away. Looking for any ideas.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          need help with cash, Welcome to this web site.

          If your biggest companies will do net 30, you need to factor your invoices

          Factoring your receivables provides for your company to have the cash
          it needs today rather
          than waiting over 30 days to receive payment from
          your client. Money provided by factoring your
          receivables can be used
          for whatever your company needs, such as:
          • Pay Creditors
          • Pay Payrolls
          • Pay Taxes
          • Take discounts on merchandise purchases

          Hope this helps, LUCKIEST
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Another idea,
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              Luckiest is on the money!!! I once worked for a large staffing firm and they factored all their receivables.




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