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      PeoplePawn seeking additional angel investors to close initial pre-revenue Series A Preferred stock angel round.

      The characteristics of the PeoplePawn business model are as follows:

      + *Highy fragmented industry nationwide+
      + *Profitable and scalable business model+
      + *Management experience within industry space+
      + *Competatively differentiating business model+
      + *Compelling financial model+
      + *Attractive IRR+
      + *Proven exit strategy within 5 years - showing minimum 9X return+

      Traction to date:

      + *Business Plan complete - check+
      + *Business Snapshot complete - check+
      + *Fiancial Modeling complete (10-Year) - check+
      + *PowerPoint Presentation complete - check+
      + *Experienced Management Team selected - check+
      + *Experienced Board Of Advisors developed - check+
      + *Web Site complete - check+
      + *Secured Investor Area created - check+
      + *SEO Strategy Executed - check+
      + *Legal Services Secured - check+
      + *IP Protection Plan initiated - check+
      + *PR created - check+
      + *Angel Funding Program iniated - check+

      With $200K "soft circled" and and additional $300K needed before launching the first store, PeoplePawn is seeking additional Series A Preferred Stock investors.

      This is a unique and short-term opportunity to become involved in a fast-growth start-up, which is poised for incredible growth. PeoplePawn will open a minimum of 10 stores within the next 60 months. Do not miss out......


      Patrick (