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    Corporate event planner looking to start own business

    Events324 Newbie
      I am hoping someone might be able to assit me. I presently work for a corporation and I am looking to go out on my own in the corporate event/meeting planning business. I am not quite sure how to begin the process. I do not know who to go about getting my service out there and determining who might need the service as I have been within one organzization for numerous years and have all the sources I need in-house. Any assistance would be appreaciated
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Corporate event planner looking to start own business

          Welcome to this web site and YES I might be able to assist you. Tell me more.
          Where are you?? City and state?? How soon do you plan on going out on your own??
          *Have you developed a Business and Marketing Plan?? Are you looking for a Mentor??*<br /<br />*On Members page **it would help if you
          completed your online profile so I can get in touch with you*.

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              Events324 Newbie
              Thank you so much for the quick response. I have not prepared a business plan and would welcome the opportunity of having a mentor. I have updated my profile. If you can advise what your services include and the cost I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Again, thank you for your time concerning this matter.
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                  teamtwi Wayfarer
                  Events, Hi there..I have done the same thing and have equally the same problems as you alk about...everyone says "contacts, sales calls, etc", but to me thats common knowledge, not helpfull knowledge. I am located in So. Calif so would love to figure this out with you and possibly partner...I do large events, tradeshows, etc...I know people in the corporate world, but they all have "in house" type people, so I have the same concerns as youi..

                  Respond to my personal email if you

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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                Events324, aAt the risk of merely providing more "common knowledge," you're in a highly competitive business. I have a couple of sourcebooks and industry directories that I rely on for corporate event planning contacts. For the city you list in your profile (Lithia), I see 82 event planners listed within a 25 mile radius, and 4 within the same zip code. (Teamtwi, for your city I see 107 competing firms within a 25 mile radius, and 6 in the same zip code.) These are just the firms that specialize in corporate events, not weddings and such.

                The firms listed fall into two distinct tiers. The top tier companies are in the event planning business. The second tier firms offer event planning services, but don't really do enough of that to sustain a full time operation -- so it's either a secondary profit center for a business that does other things, or it's a part-time business for someone like a former in-house corporate event planner who quit to start a family.

                In either case, the event planning firms that seem to be doing best are niche players . . . they don't claim to be everything to everybody, but rather experts at one specific aspect. For instance, in your area one firm specializes in planning fundraiser events; one specializes in events that require advanced audio/visual and technology support; one specializes in events that require a lot of catering and negotiated union contract services; one specializes in events that involve a lot of hospitality activities that involve local history and entertainment. Their listings and websites include photos and videos of the events they've coordinated, and they have numerous client testimonials and endorsements to confirm their experience and expertise.

                Event planning is a business that's built on reputation -- so one of the first steps in your planning process should be to decide what you want your niche and reputation to be, then start creating that image and capability. Once you have that in place, pitch to every potential client that would want what you you have to offer. The more you pitch, the sooner you'll find a client who was let down by a second tier firm, can't afford a top tier firm, and is willing to give you a chance. Deliver, and you'll very likely have both repeat business and a valuable source for referrals -- in other words, you'll be off and running.

                Hope that helps. Best wishes.
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                  lester888 Newbie

                  This is in response to you starting your own event planner business. Science is starting to show that the general mood of the population varies.Many event planners are making use of these new forecasting methods to make their events turn out perfect. One service currently in existence is the Behavioral Response Indice which uses a proprietary algorithm to forecast the mood of the general population into the future. They are at Hope this bit of advice will help you in starting your successfull event planning business.


                  Happy new year.


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                    designpeople Wayfarer
                    Hi Events324,

                    I have a friend who is a a lighting designer and he provides lighting and sounds for a lot of event planners in the Los Angeles area. With his business I noticed that he has aligned himself mostly with the caterers and florists who sometimes hear about the upcoming bits for different events. Another way is to present your credentials to potential venues so in the event someone needs a planner, they can recommend you as one of their affiliates.

                    I hope this helps...

                    Btw, if you need lighting and audio support for your upcoming events you call Brian So of G2 Audio and Lighting at 818.3888275.