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    A car or generator that runs on water.

    jastbtrucking Wayfarer

      I am an ASE certified mechanic and have drawn up an alternative engine design that is anything but an engine.
      I am trying to locate a steel fabricating shop that can precision cut and balance large parts of steel.
      I also need a rear wheel drive vehicle with everything (ie. a/c, ps, alternator, radio etc) The newer the vehicle the better. However, the engine and transmission should not be installed.
      My design takes no transmission fluid, nor gas. It does not use pistons or an ignitable source.
      The fuel is water. Right from your garden hose.
      It also uses (2) -12-volt batteries.
      The same engine can operate generators, however, I am not knowledgable enough to figure out the amount of torque the generator needs to operate an entire house efficiently. But I can develop an engine that can power a generator if you know what size generator is needed!!
      I am going to attempt to get a working model together.
      No it is not done by heating water. That would take too long!!
      I have confronted automotive makers and the local power companies. I have also approached Exxon, Mobil and Texaco. They apparently were upset at my idea because they have not contacted me back.
      Have I asked for funding? Who in the world would I go to??
      Why not do it myself??
      I don't have the money. If I did, I could start building.
      How much do I need?
      Around $10,000 to get started unless a fabrication shop charges more.
      How long will I need to assemble this motor?
      Depends on how fast I can get a generator or car.
      Where did I get my idea??
      Thinking like a person who in the 1700's wanted to get somewhere faster than a horse!! Just using todays technologies. Without an engine.
      How fast will this car go?
      It is expected to go as fast as the rest of the cars that are out there now. Just not over 90 m.p.h.