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    Working Capital Advice - Loan/Investor - What?

    az.avalanche Newbie
      A consulting (financial services) practice that is growing nicely. We continue to hire new people and recurring cashflow (without commission) is in the $500K range per year. Owner's cashflow is in the 30% range. I have below average credit (595) from past market cycle. Credit is improving, but still not considered solid by lenders. Not much in the way of collateral - tapped personal funds and credit during ramp-up phase. 100% of the business is financed from monthly cashflow which is hampering our growth and ability to service new business which in some cases we have to turn down. Classic growing pains in the business. Based on stability and cashflow of business, I believe a revolver/loan/equity in the $28K range (one month's overhead) would allow for breathability. Anybody dealt with this out there? We can service reasonable monthly payments and are current on all of our payables both personally and professional. Any input/advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.