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    Critique of my website

    1ststatedvd Newbie

      My name is Mike and I recently had my website redesigned by a company in Delaware. They did an excellent job but I had to go behind them to clean up some
      minor mistakes they made. Your honest feedback would be kindly appreciated.

      Thank You
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          SohoConcierge Wayfarer
          Hello Mike,

          i hope you did not pay This "company" too much money for it. the disign is very basic, something anyone can make in thier spare time. There is so much more we can do these days to make our websites stand out and stick orund. i would suggest 2 things.

          1: change the background color from black to any light color as the rest of your website's layout is black or in dark color. it gives your clients a spooky feeling. you want your website to look more shoping friendly.

          2: on your contact page please have a contact form. it will give you clients the ability to contact you right from your website without haveing to leave it.

          I hope this helps. if you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

          Best regards,
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            Danifer Wayfarer
            Hi Mike,

            I looked at your site and it's not bad. My first question to you would be, "Is it doing what you need it to do?". Along those lines:

            Is it making sales?
            Generating leads?
            Drawing traffic?
            Raising awareness of your business?
            Do you like it?

            There are a lot more, but any of these would be a good reason to have a web site. I would judge its success based on your own criteria rather than anyone else's.
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              Bridge Navigator
              Sorry, I have to agree with Soho very basic.

              I think the site is still too dark - what;s with the black/gray scheme?

              Potential tips:

              1) Look into getting a professionally design logo that you can use on your site and for other marketing
              2) Jazz up your home page - too bland, no reason for customers to stay
              3) I am not a big fan of flash, but a little bit on your home page might help
              4) add a "sign up" button to collect e-mails; perhaps have them sign-up to receive unadvertised specials and/or link to pages only available through e-mail. The goal os to develop a base of potential customers

              5) Make sure you site is not static - that content changes so that people have a reason to go back, rotate specials, add RSS feeds on topics that might interests your customers, etc.
              6) No About Us?
              7) If you are a site for photo enthusiast, think about adding a photo gallery page where users can upload there best pics (this type of add-on software is free from most hosting companies. If your does not offer it, switch host - check out

              8) Add a discussion board for photo enthusiasts, create a "community" (again free from most hosting companies - check out "simple machine forums")

              Best of Luck!
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                xenopod Adventurer
                When I looked at your website the first thing it reminded me of was

                I mean the relative simplicity in its appearance is what I think is similar, which I think is a good thing. However like others have mentioned your site's color scheme leaves much to be desired. There is a very distinctive shade of blue in the disc part of your logo. I do like your logo by the way. I think you should probably base your site's color palette around that blue, white (particularly for background space), and then some other accent color based on the blue and white chosen.

                Which CompTia cert(s) do you hold? I think if you are going to advertise that you should make it clear which ones you have or make that icon clickable to take you to a page that lists all of your certs (if you have more than one).

                I really hope that helps.