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    Do you want to partner up?

    Dignita Newbie

      I am flying to Brasil in June to start manufacturing a high end fitness brand. I am developing the brand with the top fitness/yoga wear manufacture in the country.

      I have photos of some of our products, but please only contact me if you are a serious investor.


      Josh Lunt
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Do you want to partner up, MAYBE??

          Tell me more Josh, I know you said that you are flying to Brazil.
          Do you have a manufacturer lined up there?? Have you developed a Business and Marketing Plan??
          What is the lead time from when you land until the brand is ready to sell??
          How much money are you looking for?? For How Long?? Have you done a Cash Flow projection??
          And How and When will you pay me back??

          Yes you can send answers and photo's to

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              Dignita Newbie

              As for a manufacturer, yes I have one
              lined up in Brazil. I have developed a marketing plan, and my media
              team has the website is in the early states of being built. As for
              photography and advertisements, we are waiting on a few more of our
              sample products before we can complete our nationwide campaign. Our
              product line is about 80% complete. It is only a matter of myself
              going down to Brazil to make the final changes which will be
              completed in June. I have partnered up with the factory and they are
              manufacturing the garments at cost, and we will be selling across
              North America within a few months. I wouldn't let an investor buy in
              for more than 5 - 10%. After doing extensive market research on our
              product and introducing the state of the art fabric throughout North
              America, I wouldn't give up 10% for less than 200 K.



              Josh Lunt