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    Droping The Knives And Start To Sell Something You Like

    millydou Wayfarer
      Many people set up a business purely on the state of mind that they can make a lot of money, they don't care what the business will be like to run or the service it will provide, they just want to make big money. This is fine if you are driven solely by money and will do anything it takes for years on end to reach your desired income level, however the majority of us aren't like this.I personally couldn't run a business that I had absolutely no interest in, I simply wouldn't enjoy it.If you are currently trying to sell collectors knives (depsite the fact you hate knives) on your own ecommerce website then I would question whether you are enjoying the day-to-day running of the business. Contacting other knife site webmasters, trying to find new knives to sell, replying to customer emails about the latest knife! Im sure you can see what I am getting at.If you have very little interest in what you are selling then I would suggest you take a look at your business and question whether long term what you are doing is viable, when will the day come you turn around and think "Ive had enough"? We can't all run our ideal dream business (otherwise Id be sitting in my celebrity only bar in LA charging $100 a drink!) but you can at least sell some products you genuinely like and have an interest in, or if you run content websites at least write about something you are interested in!So drop the knives and start selling something you like, before you give your business the chop!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Dropping The Knives And Start To Sell Something You Like,
          Welcome to this web site. Very interesting post.

          As Steve Hartman says" everybody has a story" and everybody in business gets into business in a different way. Some work for others (employees) all there lives, (even CEO) and are happy.
          Others go into businesses for many reasons. Money is usually one of the big factors..
          Become a "Coin Dealer" Buy Silver Eagle Dollars from the mint for $1. Sell them for $19.
          A Mass Dealer would like to buy 500,000 a week. The mint will only sell him 100,000 a week.

          Most people spend most of their adult lives in a business and yes it makes sense to be happy and sell something you like.

          Thanks, LUCKIEST