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    Wanted:People to Train In New Business Model.$200K Potent.

    tasteven2000 Newbie
      Our system will work whether you are in a business opportunity or looking for one!!

      This is Thomas Stevenson with Millinium Enterprise. We are expanding our organization and are looking for people interested in trying out our new business model. We believe that smart investments are ones that are leveraged across a vast portfolio, thus increasing your odds of success. We treat small business the same way an investor treats stocks or bonds. Instead of focusing on one opportunity we leverage finances and diversify our investments across several business opportunities. We then promote our "business portfolio" concept and thus increase financially in 2 ways. 1) Each individual business has its own income stream and thus makes money 2) As new members join our team and thus leverage themselves we increase exponentially. Thus we are not working all day long to find 20 people a day. Personal goals are 20 people in a year. Very attainable and brings in an income of over $250K first year and twice as much second year with no additional work. Investment is minimal at $1500 to start with a 60 day earning of $5000 and 6 mth forecast of $50K. This will inturn get you in a position to re-invest and recieve 60 day earnings of $40 for life. These are realistic #'s. If you are interested in learning more and joining our team. Please e-mail me at Only serious investment opportunist please as we will spend a lot of time training and mentoring you in our business.

      PS...This will work even if you are involved in another opportunity as We can use that as part of your "Business Portfolio" and thus make you even more money.