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    Finding new business

    teamtwi Wayfarer

      My company supplies tradeshow expertise (scheduling, staffing , operations) to small companies and short of just doing cold calling, is there another way that people have found to get "inside" larger companies? I assume with recent headcount loss at these companies, they may be interested in turning their tradeshow / event programs over to an outside source. Cold calling is a "brick wall" most of the time and mailings typically get "tossed". Currently, networking is moving forward but not fast enough. Economics is playing havic too.

      Any help would be appreciated.
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          Bluesuit Adventurer
          I currently work for a large corporation and I frequently receive "luke warm calls." Why do I describe it as "lukewarm," well somehow the business owner got my contact info via another collegue at my company. Because they came via a "reference" I will usually give the company 10 minutes to make an impression. So, if you can get your foot in the door - it certainly helps. These days, with so many electronic ways to be connected (e.g. LinkedIn), I'm sure there are ways to get a contact from the company you're interested in doing business with, so that it's not a cold call.
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            A little homework on marketing strategies and trends will give you the answer that you need to hear. Your homework will prove one thing - you need to have an active web presence, built on a reliable and robust foundation and initiate an intensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) solution.

            The first place the majority of companies go to for business solutions is the web. Most use Google for searching solutions. You'll find that over 70% of $'s spent on marketing today are spent towards capturing less than 40% of purchases. Having a relevant, professional and well structured/designed web site will, over time, make your phone ring off the hook. The secret here is to have first class SEO content applied to your business site on a professional, regular and relevant scale...meaning every day.

            If you take the time to visit:, you'll find the technical information you need to understand in a clear and simple manner, as well as the ability to understand the power of the internet and not the telephone. Read the informational sections as well as the blog information. This guy knows what he is doing. He'll have your telephone ringing off the hook over time if you use his solutions.

            Feel free to email me with more questions if needed.


            Patrick Kane -
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              Reverse engineer it - get a list of tradseshow attendees/exhibitors from the tradeshow. They are usually posted online for exhibitors and attendee lists can be purchased.

              You now know who to target - call and say you saw them exhibit at XZY and you were wondering who coodinated it for them.

              Make sure you have a valu proposition so that they know what you do can save you time and money and make them more effecient - rather than putting the person on the phone out of a job.

              You can also ask the XYZ show coordinator who has stopped exhibiting - this could be a sign that whoever did the work in house form the exhibitor is no longer there. The show should want to work with you so that they get more exhibitors and attendees.

              Good Luck!