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    How do I find Wine Lovers?

    WineLady Newbie

      I am a Senior Wine Consultant for a major Award Winning California Winery.

      One key feature besides our Premium Wines is that we are noted for our ability: Private Label--your name/logo/ and ship direct to your doorstep.

      I am seeking some suggestions on how to find leads (prospects) in the following fields.
      a. Wine Enthusiasts--
      b. or Just Companies that are seeking a good Marketing Vehicle: as thank yous to customers, as employee incentives, company functions
      c. Social Events: Weddings, Private Stock, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.

      Finding leads in todays slowing economy is becoming very challenging; kind of a Catch 22, --slowing economy means there is a need for stronger marketing but companies are tightening up their purse strings.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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          MRFINANCE Adventurer
          I know that there are wine conventions every so often. They had one recently at the Javits Center in New York. Do a SEARCH under wine convention or just conventions.

          Good Luck!


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            FruitionDZ9 Newbie
            Yummy! You're right up my ally with the wine thing.

            You could do ads in wine mags, but that would probably be rather expensive. A better strategy would be to do some local Google ads to get the word out there - if you're going for the online community. Check out for a great social networking site for women business owners.

            Do you have your own incentive programs for your current clients? What about having a referral contest for your current clients? I'm sure you can buy leads as well. It's the old adage - you have to CONNECT before you CONVINCE. Look at creative ways you can connect with your ideal clients. Don't be afraid to give before you get as well.

            Just as a brainstorming idea - what if you went to your local NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) Chapter and offered to do an open-house wine-tasting for the members? Great way to get your name out and get them sampling your products as well as showing them ways they can use you.

            Just thoughts...

            Fruition - Graphic Design & Marketing
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              How do I find Wine Lovers, Welcome to this web site.

              *You are a * Senior Wine Consultant for a major Award Winning California Winery.

              I am impressed. I am a Wine Consultant (small) in N. Y.
              You and your company MUST HAVE a Marketing Plan. In fact you listed a, b and c
              and yes finding leads in today's slowing economy is becoming very challenging, but everybody
              loves WINES. Your Winery has an open house, samples etc.

              How about the internet?? Does your company advertise on it??
              There was a posting last week. 6 bottles, FREE SHIPPING. Everybody loves the FREE word.

              Part of the Marketing plan is knowing how your customer makes money. Learning the customers
              decision making process, building relationships with the customer, not just through sales
              and of course show how your offerings meet customers needs.

              Good luck, LUCKIEST


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                  WineLady Newbie

                  As my Governor (California) once Said......I'll be BACK! Well I am, been on a Vacation, Palm Springs.

                  Left my work and computer at home...too much temptation!

                  You guys are great! My company, Windsor Vineyards, is growing by leaps and bounds with many additional Premium Wineries.

                  I will put to use some of your suggestions and report back any progress.

                  I will participate where I can to other forum topics if I can contribute some Pearls of Wisdom.

                  Meanwhile back at the Ranch, keep me in mind if by chance private labeling needs falls on your lap.

                  Enjoy your Summer: one Pearl of Wisdom I can emit: FORCE YOUR SELF TO TAKE A VACATION, THE WORLD WILL NOT END WITHOUT YOU.

                  See ya,
                  The WineLady
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                  NatOnline Tracker
                  Offer wine bar so people can test your wine, eat sandwish and buy case of wine. When selling one case of wine offer a different wine free.

                  Another ideas is giving a free wine guide with order form and coupon after a tour of vineyard or cave.

                  I love wine, this is a part of my French culture and I know a lot about them ;-)

                  Good luck
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                    Hi Bonnie,

                    I think you need to play to your strength - Private Labeling. These are things that you might be doing or have considered but here are my thoughts:

                    Focus on the luxury goods demographic. People with money will continue to spend it on things that they like. Wine is often intertwined with the other components of high-end lux market event or outing (party, dinner, gala event etc.). You might want to think about an indirect approach, not pitch your market directly for a sale ... but instead educate them (perhaps in articles or advertorials) about your private label service ... tell them about the quality of the wine and how having their own "wine label" is such an interesting conversation piece when entertaining and makes an influence statement. You're selling them the reaction (the 'sizzle') that they will get when they serve a guest (or a client/customer) their privately labelled wine. Its an attention getter and makes for a moment that will stick with people. Strategically advertise in luxury related magazines ... like Robb etc. Or luxury goods related web sites and venues. Or even team up with a publisher like that to offer that private label service to their mailing list. Its not uncommon for people with money to have a "certain" amount of ego and pride in their accomplishments (rightfully and naturally so). Your service/product may have appeal for "vanity" positioning.

                    It might also be a good idea to test a Google AdWords campaign to see what kind of response you get. I've spent about $60,000 in my Google ad campaigns over the last couple of years, for my different businesses, services and products, and they have paid off well for me as either a good test bed for a follow on off line marketing program or as an ongoing source of sales online or lead generation. You do have to stay on top of it though and know what you're doing so that the cost is controlled and does not get out of hand.

                    Just some thoughts; perhaps they will give you an idea that you have not explored yet.

                    Dennis Lowery
                    Adducent, Inc.
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                      Bridge Navigator
                      I think your "corporate gift" has the widest audience versus wine lovers.

                      Pick a 3-4 markets to try and stick with it a while; keep the top two, drop the bottom and then try two more.

                      Some example:

                      1) Target real estate professionals who might want to provide a private label bottle of wine as a house warming gift to clients. You can promote this to local realtor meetings

                      2) Accountants/financial planners - again as a gift to clients; "Thank you for being a client"

                      3) Local banks - loan officers, again as a thank you to someone who just took out a loan

                      4) Mortgage brokers (any left)

                      Look for other professions where they have a large numbers of clients on a regular basis - I'm sure other members might have ideas on this

                      The goal is to find peopel who cab genertae a recurring revenue stream.
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                        Bridge Navigator
                        Your wedding idea is great. Try some alternative marketing approaches such as working with wedding planners so that they offer it to their clients - think about giving the planner a % of sales. Make others your sales reps!
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                          LUCKIEST Guide
                          How do I find Wine Lovers

                          I Think that we lost WineLady.

                          There have been 7 posts (answers) since May 25
                          and nothing from her.

                          Again, LUCKIEST
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                            textpros Newbie
                            I have an opt-in data base of hundres of thousands of wine enthusiast. I have 700 data selects and wine enthusuast are one of them. We can text them
                            or email them or both, geoghaphically and demographically.

                            I look forward to your reply.


                            All The Best.....


                            Tony Giuliani


                            Director of Business Development


                            21st Century Marketing & Training Solutions






                            "Our Purpose and Passion is to Serve. To bring Clients


                            and Customers together for a Mutually Beneficial


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                              vinod1978 Adventurer

                              There are various mediums that I would utilize:

                              1. Target "after-work" restaurants where you know a lot of decision-makers eat meals and have a few drinks of wine in your local area. You can make a deal with the restauranteur that you will give a certain amount of wine for free in return for advertising. These restaurants could place your ad when the check arrives, as well as a small stand-up flyer on the table (you should supply these and make sure they are elegant and refined). This won't work if you do not choose the right restaurants, but in this economy every restaurant wants to increase their profit margin and if you can find a way to make your advertising non-intrusive to the dining experience you could have an inexpensive advertising solution. I would focus on your private label solution.

                              2. Go through employment ads on and similar sites and find out which businesses in your area are hiring for sales executives. You should look for companies that target their products and services to other businesses. If these companies are hiring sales executives then most likely they would be willing to spend money to retain their existing customer base. Many companies list sales directors, or other related positions online. Simply address a package to various Sales Executives and let them know about your private label solution that can help customer retention.

                              3. Talk to local local wedding planners and let them know about your product. In addition to having a couple of bottles of wine in a ice chiller next to each table the wine bottles would be a great memento for the wedding occasion. I wouldn't limit marketing just to wedding planners - any business that helps with weddings such as fashion stores, stationary stores, cake stores, etc... and create a sort of "affiliate program", by giving them a percentage of each sale that they help you aquire. Everyone is looking to increase revenue without increasing overhead. This is a great opportunity for any company that facilities weddings, or other similar functions.

                              4. Last, but not least - I would utilize local & national television advertising. My company, Tonangi Media ( is a full scale video production and advertising agency. We can create your concept, record a custom video complete with professional voice overs and original animation sequences that will make your advertisement stand out. We could create a television ad that would speak to wine enthusiasts, as well as businesses. In addition to advertising we could also create a video that could be seen online or on a DVD that explains how your private label wine program works. This would be great for anybody that sees a quick URL or ad at a restaurant but does not understand what is involved. They would just note down the URL and hope that there is enough information online without having to research the product on your site. If you have a video a potential customer could simply click and watch a video that briefly describes your company, your wine selections, and the details about your private label program. You could also send DVDs to potential clients when you send them a free bottle of wine.

                              For more information please visit or you can contact me directly at

                              Vinod Tonangi
                              Tonangi Media

                              Video Production and Advertising for Small businesses
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                                re: Focus on the luxury goods demographic. ...and re: Last, but not least - I would utilize local & national television advertising.

                                We can offer you a very unique platform that might be a perfect fit for a simple television test marketing of your wine and labels. We believe our platform is an exact match for wines and as well we have been canvassing some of the California companies with exactly this pitch.

                                Take a short look and let me know if you would want to speak about this.




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                                  You'll have all clear in your head after you browse the site. to find some near you currently there are many wine events listed. He is very flexible as fas as structure of the event. I am sure you too find the site very helpful.