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    need advice

    kirkley Adventurer
      i am going to get a loan of 100 000. i have business plans. shoul i consolidate the debts of the current business and take the balance of the money to invest in stock. Or should i use the money to start the new business. Due to a fire 2 years ago the current business is in debt. The new business is in manufacturing , assenbling and service.It have the potential of generating income of 3000 to 200 000 per month and progressing at a 25% growth per month with the $100 000 loan. This loan will not be enought to order a full container of the parts i need. a minimum of 200 000 is needed.The maximum the funding agency lends is $100 000.

      Should i get the loan the current business that is in debt or the new one i am about to start.
      thanks in advance for your advice on this matter.
      kirkley Grab-it Barbados