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    Searching for an Invester

    spiceimports Newbie

      My name is Erika, I'm the vice president of Spice One Imports, located in South florida. My partner and I have just started a Import/Export business in south florida exporting to one of the most fastest growing countries in the world. We have choosen to invest our time and some of our money into Brasil. We would like to become a distributer in Brasil, where we know there is a big return, for thoose involed. We have alsmot all the tools, except one thing, Money!!! We are in the hopes that someone will be very interested in investing in our company and Brasil. We are in need of $50,000 to start the business.


      We hope to hear form you soon..........
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Searching for an Investor, Welcome Erika.
          Tell me more, Go to Members page and share so more info.
          How long have you and your partner been in business??
          Do you have a Business Plan that I can read??
          How long do you need the FUNDS for?? and How will you pay me back??

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              spiceimports Newbie
              Hello David,


              I just received your e-mail. I want to take the opportunity to thank you for replying... We don't have a business plan put together yet, however with the holiday right around the corner it will be taken care of on Tuesday," We knew that was one of things we had to put together. We would like or should I say have not only an investor, but a partner,someone who has a bit more experience then us. I know we have great Ideas, we just need some guidance, on how to make it all come together, correctly. As far as the financial part of the business, that's also an area that we are not so sure on how to go about it..... We just opened the business on April 29th, 2008.... For right now we go down to Brasil once a month with request of certain products that our clients are in need off... However, they are paying a certain % up front so that we can go and buy what they need, and deliever it.... But we are following the guidelines of what is allowed into Brasil, without any problems with customs. However, this is not our FOCUS, this is just to get us by for now, our goal is to have a warehouse in Brasil, so that we can ship products in quantity, in a container, and resale it there for a better price. Do you have any suggestions?



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              vinny09 Wayfarer

              Hello Erika,

              I wish you good luck in your new venture. Please look up my profile and contact me if you need any assistance from my part of the world in terms of products, prices etc.
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                Hi Erika,
                Have you found your funding yet?
                Let's talk a bit more about your plans.
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                    spiceimports Newbie

                    Hello Colleen,


                    No I have not yet found an Investor/funding. Please feel free to contact me directly at (954)934-5553.
                    Just so you know a little a head of time I don't have a business plan put together yet, however it will be done within the next two weeks... We are a new home based company in South Florida, IMPORT/EXPORT. For the moment we have some clients that request different types of products, they pay up front, we buy it, book the flight, and deliver it to them, within the time frame. But this is not our "FOCUS". It's ok for now. But we are Interested in becoming a Distributer in Brazil...... Anyhow, you now have a little information on how we are currently doing things.......



                    Erika Assis