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    How do I expand my existing business?

    zoeemb Newbie
      ZMB Consulting & Behavior Management, Inc. was established in 2004 providing training and consultation to staff, parents, and educators on effective behavior management strategies. Currently, ZMB has two large clients serving developmentally disabled adults and in the process of adding another large client servin disabled children. ZMB's owner and president, Zoee Bartholomew, would like to hire additional staff and lease an office space. Zoee is the employer and employee currently. What is the process to expand? What financial resources are available?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          How do I expand my existing business, Welcome to this web site.

          There are a few different ways to expand your existing business.
          You start by developing a Business Plan. A Bus Plan serves as an assessment tool.
          You give a detailed description of what the business has done AND then its GOALS.

          Do you have an Accountant?? Lawyer?? Insurance Agent??
          Do you have the FUNDS to expand??

          Are you looking for investors or lenders?? A Business Plan will be one of the first
          items they will want to see, along with Tax Returns.

          Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE and they also can help you expand.

          Good start, Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              zoeemb Newbie
              I currently do not have an accountant at this time. I use my banking service for payroll and keep track of my own invoices. I am in the process of converting everything into QuickBooks. I have a prepaid legal service as my legal representation because I can't afford to keep a lawyer on retainer. I do have an insurance agent. I currently do not have funds to expand and I am open to help from investors or lenders. I will develop a business plan to reflect my expansion, which should help determine how I can expand. I am unfamiliar with SCORE and I will research about it. Thanks for your help.
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              carobinson Newbie

              Hi, My name is Chuck,


              Small carpet Cleaning business owner for 0ver 30 years. Expanding or just keeping your business going is a never ending challange. Keeping in touch with your customer and finding new ones is what it is all about.
              If you've been in business since 2004 then you must have some customers already. Keeping in touch with them on a regular and personal bassis is very important. Remind them of your continued support, ask for referrals and thank them for there business .
              Direct mail has always been my favorite for getting and keeping customers. It is a game of numbers and consistency, the larger number of people you reach and the more frequent you contact them, the more response you will get. Personalized mailing give you an added advantage, such as sending out cards to your present customers on a regular bassis. Always get names and address from every one you meet and keep a data base. Send them information about yourself and explain to them what you do. Most of us are on a pretty tight bugget, and one way to help control how much you spend on your mailing and when you want to send them. Is through the U.S. Mail.
     allows you to send customised cards, that include your contact information, a personal mesage & your photo. If you are creative then there is no limite what you can do. People love to get greeting cards in the mail. Email may be less expensive but it is very impersonel and most people are tired of junk email, most of email gets deletted without being read.
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                EL_DollarShop Adventurer
                Zoee, What your business is doing is very commendable!

                You mentioned your business is primarily Consulting & Behavior Management, and been in business for 3 years already with la large client base. This in it's self is a good thing going for you already!

                The next thing that is a plus is the type of business, and clientele you have! The U.S. Goverment has many grant programs available for either start-up businesses or expansion reasons. Try this web site below.


                Don't pay for services to find those grants you desire, they just get thier information from this one single source, then redistribute the information in another format, then asking you to pay to become a member for a fee. Thing is you just need to go to the web site I provided, and go from there.

                Having a good business management plan listing your clients you deal with now will help you get those grants you need to expand. As Luckiest stated as well, SCORE is a good way to get some business counseling to help you secure those grants.


                Good Luck