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    Want to invest $10,000+/ Silent partner

    greenpaintco. Newbie


      My Co. is already established, we are experiencing growing pains right now. We have our first large contract and have to cary the expenses for 45-60 days.
      My Company is Commercial Painting & Manufacturing LLC. I need to secure $10,000.00 in operating capital to complete a contract and meet payroll can you help my company. The contract is for $42,575.00, once work is completed. My Co. is the subcontractor. My factor fell out at the last minute, could not approve the general contractor, although the work is being done for a Power Plant. The power plant will pay out in 45 days. To be safe I will say we need a 60 day operating capital loan. $10,000.00 should cover.

      Can send more info such as letter of Intent, invoice, and the BIo of the company.


      Thank you, Ninti
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Want to invest $10,000

          it is great that your company is already established.

          It sounds like you need a factor. Ther have been several posts from various factoring
          companies looking for business that they can help out.

          If you are looking for a partner, you will need to develop a Business Plan

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              greenpaintco. Newbie


              Hello, thanks for your reply

              Maybe you did not read the post completely, the factor was not able to approve the General Contractor.
              Factors look at your clients Dunn and Bradstreet business history to approve you. That is the client that you have done the work for, the work has to already been performed and you are looking to get an advance toward that invoice.

              In this case, we are subcontracting from the general contracting which the GC is not registered with Dunn & Bradstreet, so they were not approved through our factor for this project, unfortunately.


              Any other suggestions or referrals to short term lenders for working capitals loans, please feel free to let me know!


              Thank you,


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              TJMorehead Adventurer
              Hello GreenPaintCo.,

              I can offer you contract financing on your project, or a Community Express Loan, up to $50K. If you'd like to do contract financing, I'll need a copy of the contract, a copy of your articles. Let me know which interests you.

              My contact is 281.914.8166 or email me at

              Warm regards,