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    Leaving a mark on society and need some help from lenders.

    jastbtrucking Wayfarer
      My name is James Adams. I am starting 2 projects at once and need some help.
      Project #1 is called JASTB Trucking Company. I am seeking funding in the amount of $52,000.
      The funding will go to purchasing equipment and personnel, fuel and a lease on a large building for our warehouse.
      I have entertained the thought of securing private investors and am having no luck!!
      I have contacted attorneys, the SBA ( small business administration) the U.S. Securities Administration, family and friends, the website and many other sources.

      I know $50,000 for a trucking company's startup is'nt much, but can't seem to find anyone to help. My personal credit score is around a 570 and I am trying to make it better, but gas prices are starting to hurt.
      I do have a business plan available.
      Any input???

      Project #2 is seen in my profile.

      Both are very worthy.