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    Company party

    Bernoulli Newbie
      Hi all,

      Does anyone have some ideas for a company party? I wanted to do something a little different than a picnic. There will be about a dozen employees plus their significant others and we're in the Boston area.

      Thanks in advance!
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          designer Tracker

          You are very lucky to have a "company" party? They are old-fashioned. We don't have those any more, since the early 90's. If we have a gathering, it is in the company building and called a "Success" or "Recognition" gathering.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Company party, Welcome to this web site.

            Are we all invited?? O K, How about A Ball Game, A day at the races
            A Private Golf Club or Amusement Park??

            Boston has so much from Museums, to Boston Center for the Arts
            You have night clubs, bars pubs, lobster, sports etc

            We love to visit Boston,

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              Bluesuit Adventurer
              I wish my company would throw a party but we are watching our budget. A twist to a standard picnic is a clam bake. Clams, fresh lobsters, lemonade, etc. Isn't that a New England thing? And then how about a cruise or sailing around the harbor?
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                puzzleman Tracker
                I personally am not to hip on company picnics or outings. Everyone has to make like they like being out after work with all the people they are with during work. Not to mention, bringing along others who have no connection with each other or any of the people except who they came with.

                As far as ideas, it all depends upon budget and what are you trying to accomplish with the outing.
                If you want to have camaraderie, than do activities like going to a hands on museum where every one can have fun. Or rent out a bocce ball court and have a small tournament. (It's easy to play, learn and you can have a drink while playing)

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                  EL_DollarShop Adventurer
                  Best thing to think about when planning a company picinic, is most everyone have children. Sure you want everyone to enjoy themselves, but who is watching the kids? Do they have to get a babysitter if kids are not allowed to attend?

                  What kind of business do you have? Maybe make it themed to what your business does.
                  Boston is a beautiful city with plenty of city parks, and recreational pavilions, reserve a place for your company ahead of time.

                  Getting tickets at maybe a group rate to a theme park might be a good idea, make sure they have a picinic area where everyone can join together for food.

                  Most important, make your company picinic freindly, and personable, to the way that everyone feels appreciated.

                  Oh yea, when, and where do I bring my wife, and kid to join in on this fun?
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                    Lighthouse24 Ranger

                    The celebration event my group seems to remember and talk about most was a day trip to the horse races (track was about 2.5 hours away). Everyone met at the office early in the morning and boarded a charter bus. We stopped for a little shopping at an outlet mall on the way up, hit the racetrack for lunch and the Saturday afternoon program, and then stopped at a Mexican food restaurant for a dinner together on the way home. Even the people who didn't gamble had a blast.


                    We arranged child care for those who needed it, which included time at a hands-on science museum for the school-aged kids. We had one car available at the track in case anyone needed to return for a family or work emergency.

                    It doesn't have to be racing, of course. You could choose some other activity based on the people -- but I think it's best when the activity is both entertaining and something that people can participate in.


                    (Puzzleman, we love bocce ball -- had a nice little court set up on-site with an after work "burgers, beer, and bocce ball" thing going twice a month for more about 5 years. Storms and floods wiped it out last summer, but I plan to bring it back once construction is done. You're right -- it's easy to learn and play, and hard to get good enough at to "dominate," which keeps it fun for all!)
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                      MetroGal Adventurer

                      How about outdoor activities like golfing, fishing, renting jet skiis, etc.?
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                        devaney Adventurer
                        Company social events are challenging. On the one hand management has it to reward and celebrate (which is important) but on the otherhand, as an attendee I feel like I'm still at work and still need to be on. Not to mention it adds an additional layer of complexity and awkwardness because you meet everyone's family, etc. I have a tough time navigating these events, but that could just be me as I'm not so social. Whatever you decide to do make it so that there is a mix of "togetherness" and also opportunity for people to engage with their family alone as well. Nice to hear that businesses are still celebrating!
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                          Bernoulli Newbie
                          Thanks for all the feedback everyone.

                          I agree that company social events could potentially be a bit awkward. However, we're a geographically dispersed company and when we meet face to face it is always for business and often in another country.

                          I think I'm leaning towards clam bake and bocce ball (hadn't heard of that before this forum - thanks PuzzleMan).

                          Thanks again!