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    Are you good at creating your own BUZZ?

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      If you are a small business owner, do you think you are good at creating your own BUZZ, or not? Are you the type that puts on a party hat, toots your own horn and hams it up? Or, do you think you are more of the strong, silent type....and you just go about your daily routine and let the business come to you?

      There are probably pro's and con's to each and it would be great to hear about the different styles people have in conducting business.

      Some of us are great with emails, poor with phones. Some of us are scared to death of public meetings, but relish a speaking engagement. Some are not shy to celebrate success, while other feel it is bragging. What works for YOU?
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          Iwrite Pioneer
          I am selective about how much of my story I put out there.

          It is about building a strong relationship with my clients. I'm not looking for any and every client, I'm looking for the right fit. For this reason, I use some of everything to get the message out. I try to target it to be more direct.

          The phones is my least favorite.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Are you good at creating your own BUZZ, Sometimes.

            Like today, You ask good questions and sometimes my answers flow.
            As you know I am no longer a small business owner

            My name is LUCKIEST, celebrated my 70 th birthday I married my wife Phyllis in 1962.
            Have 3 married sons and now 3 daughters (by marriage) and
            5 grandchildren.
            Retired and have been giving back
            to the community.
            I joined SCORE about 5 years ago.
            SCORE counsels people ,in business and I personally have
            counseled over 900 people.
            Treasurer of the Friends of the Library, our local
            library. (YES most libraries have Friends of)
            I am a Quickbooks Consultant.
            First Lesson FREE
            I work
            harder volunteering than I did in the business world, AND
            enjoying it.

            I think I am sometimes shy and do not brag LUCKIEST