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    This is the one that might have been overlooked  (repost)

    Clay08 Newbie
      Hi, I am a small business owner at the present time in Savannah, G.A. I am looking to open my second L.LC and I am wanting to get a business loan of around $25,000.
      I am opening a lawncare business and have already made a business plan. I own a carpet cleaning and water damage removel company now and have many interested customers willing to sign yearly contracts with me for their lawncare needs. This seems to be a no brainer but I need some advice on where to start in getting a small business loan. Please help! I have also noticed that alot of companies are willing to help only if you have been accepting credit cards in the past, however we have always found it easier being on the road all day to just take checks. Any other ideas. p.s. credit score is in the low 700's.