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    "Green Paint Manufacturing Co." Goes Global - Investors

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      *Currently seeking silent investors for the manufacturing plant project. This facility will produce environmentally safe paints also known as "green paints". The selected investor will employ our same goals, interests and sentiments regarding safe products made from natural resources. The chosen investor will see a generous return on their investment over the course of 12-18 months, as there is a high demand for green products in the global market our plan is to be exporting these products internationally as well in the States within 12 months. The next goal for Commercial Painting and Manufacturing LLC within the next 18 month period will be to become a publicly traded Company. View Co. Bio below.

      Commercial Painting & Manufacturing LLC

      Company Biography

      Commercial Painting & Manufacturing LLC's, (CP&M LLC) main objective is to provide impeccable service and products to our clients and to the market place, focusing on environmental safety in the work place in the United States and abroad through the manufacturing of "Green Paint" products. Commercial Painting & Manufacturing LLC believes whole hearted in economic solutions coupled with environmental vitality.

      Commercial Painting & Manufacturing LLC provides Painting and Maintenance services to commercial facilities. Scope of services: painting, sealing, coating interiors. Exterior chipping and maintenance repair.

      CP&M LLC is in developmental stages of manufacturing soy/earth based paints. CP&M LLC primary market for commercial painting services are; Power Plants, Water Treatment Plants and Executive office complexes with sizable maintenance contracts.

      Commercial Painting & Manufacturing LLC's primary market for producing (environmentally safe paints), "Green Paints" are: Healthy Home Builders, Municipalities, Schools, and Hospitals. Most importantly, the use of green paints and products will reduce toxicity in the environment. The quality of water, air, and earth are significantly affected when Solid and Hazardous Waste is deposited into it. Ultimately the bottom line costs to Customers and Businesses are reduced by using green paints. Contrarily, using raw paint materials and processes that have an environmental impact are very costly. There are many federal, state and local regulations that may apply to the processes used in coating manufacturing and disposal of hazardous paint materials. Research indicates that businesses usually only account for waste disposal costs rather than considering all of the associated costs with using toxic paints and raw materials. Our slogan is economic solutions for environmental vitality.

      The Geographic areas Commercial Painting & Manufacturing LLC currently services and seeks to service/export: Southwest and Southeast United States, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Canada, China, Japan, Africa, Asia, Keywest Islands and West Indies.

      Background of the Principals:

      Ninti El Bey, WBE. 55% Ownership Interest.

      Background in Business and Real Estate. Twelve years business development in the United States/ Abroad specializing in real estate acquisition.

      1995-2003: Leadership Training

      Real Estate Consultants LLC.

      23100 Providence Dr.

      Southfield, MI.

      1996-2001: Middleton Real Estate Training.

      * Real Estate Appraising

      * Real Estate Brokerage

      * Real Estate Sales

      * Acquisition and Finance

      * Laws and Contracts

      * Money Management

      Aker El Bey, 45% Ownership Interest.

      Background in residential and commercial painting. Eleven years experience in the field Painting and Technology.


      International Academy of Design & Technology - 2 years

      Painters Allied Trades District Council No.22 - 3 years

      Charitable activities:

      Cub Masters Pack No. 1522

      Paint the Town Volunteer

      Boy Scouts of America Volunteer