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    Looking to Replace Owner Financing

    InTheSpotligh Newbie
      I own 2 retail Dancewear stores in California and am looking at expanding and restructuring my startup debt. My stores are doing well, and I'm looking to open 2 more stores within the next year. My second location is presently owner financed and I would like to be able to pay off what I owe her and consolidate my higher rate credit cards I used to start up my initial location. I do have a business plan, but it needs some tweaking. My Gross Sales are approximately $400,000/year and I am comfortably making $5,000 a month payments on my loan. I have been through the SBA process twice, but because I have owned the stores less than 3 years, and there is no actual property connected to the store(s), I have been unsuccessful in acquiring one. I am looking for about $200,000 and I can show that my inventory and fixtures are worth more than that amount. Does my situation sound like one that would be able to obtain any kind of loan?

      Thank you, in advance, for any help you can provide.
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          jasoncole Newbie
          There are a few options open to you. Whether or not those would be attractive is dependent on the terms of the existing financing.

          I would very much like to be able to help you. If you would like to discuss possible funding options please feel free to provide me with your contact info and a good time to call.